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Getting social now is not just with the friends, but generating new business through networking online.

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Social media is a new and exciting addition to marketing your products and services. By utilising social media groups, you have the opportunity to interact directly with your potential customers, something that traditional marketing is unable to offer.

Social media marketing is not a quick fix in generating internet traffic. If you are already a member of a social network, like Facebook or Myspace, you will know from experience that you have to cultivate your group of contacts and interact with them on a regular basis.

Promoting your website, products and services is no different when it comes to social media marketing. The first step on your social media campaign is to connect to social media networks and groups. Please see below list of popular social media websites.



FacebookFacebook is undoubtedly the most popular and most famous social networking site in the world. According to Facebook, they currently have around 900 million active users.

Google Plus

Google launched their own social network site in June 2011 with better privacy settings, minimal advertising and clean design. Google reached 170 million users in only 88 days and this number is growing each month.


What makes LinkedIn unique to all other social media networks is that it’s a network for professionals and businesses. LinkedIn has around 120 million professionals.


This is another very unique social network that has around 300 million users. Get followed and follow other users by communicating in short 160 character messages.


Is a very popular social network for groups, bands and artists. Started in August 2003 they have over 100 million users.


The new player in social media and growing rapidly. Pinterest opened their website for public registration in middle of 2011 and has already over 10 million users. Pinterest is an online pin board for sharing things you love.


Video marketing is one of the best ways to promote and sell your products and services. YouTube has over 490 million users and is one of the longest establish video social media websites.

Blog, RSS Feed

By writing your own unique, valuable and useful articles you will get many users subscribing to your feed. The success to blogging is regular quality content.


Please review the following wiki for a detailed list of social media networks

The best and quickest way to generate traffic to your website through social media marketing is to interact and engage with your visitors and followers.

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